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Brace Beemer was born in this house at 930 Cherry Street in Mount Carmel, Illinois on December 9, 1902.  During the Forties and early Fifties we listened to him on the radio every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening as The Lone Ranger.

Mount Carmel is located in south eastern Illinois on the west bank of the Wabash River.  It is the County Seat of Wabash County.  The town of some 9,000 lies among beautiful rolling prairies, farms and woodlands.  Producing oil wells dot the surrounding countryside.
Evansville, IN is 40 miles south and 130 miles west is St. Louis, MO.

Mount Carmel has produced several well known people - 
Nancy Dussault, star of the TV Series "Too Close For Comfort" -  
Don Liddle, Major League Baseball, pitched and won the 4th game of the 1954 World Series for the New York Giants - 
Arch Dees and Oliver Shoaf both played Professional Basketball - 
Gil Mains, Detroit Lions Football team - 
Ralph "Hoot" Gibson, F-86 Jet Fighter Ace in Korea.

The list goes on and on, but if you grew up during the good old days of radio, the
Mount Carmel native you will know best is Brace Beemer.
He went into radio in 1922 in Indianapolis, IN and was the first to broadcast the Indy 500.  Brace later went to Detroit with radio station WXYZ and it was there that he was given the role of The Lone Ranger after Earle Graser, one of the first Lone Rangers, was killed in an auto accident in 1941.

Brace was to play the part of The Lone Ranger for the next 13 years, with the final broadcast being on September 3, 1954.  Taped recordings of the old radio shows can still be heard on several radio stations around the country today.  They are also available for purchase through several commercial sources.  (See the Links page on this website)

Brace Beemer suffered a heart attack and died while playing bridge with friends at his home in Oxford, Michigan on February 28, 1965.
Brace served with the American Expeditionary Forces during World War I.  Being large for his age he was able to enlist in the Army when he was only 14 years old.  His true age was discovered when he was wounded in combat and he was sent home and discharged from the service.